Friday, December 31, 2010

Top Ten of 2010

This was not easy to do but below is a list of the top ten recipes on this blog from 2010. While I feel that all of the recipes posted here are worthy of repeating (believe you me, there are some disasters that simply do not make the cut), there are a handful of recipes that I simply love, love, love and would highly recommend to anyone. Here are my top ten, in alphabetical order:

ADOBO CHICKEN TACOS - East meets west in this delicious, savory meal. The traditional Filipino meat can easily be devoured on its own but tortillas, cream, and cilantro create a perfect home for such a deliciously seasoned and slow-cooked meat.

CHICKEN PARMESAN WITH MARINARA - This simple Italian dish can be made quickly with ingredients that are likely to already be in your kitchen. I feel like every cook should have this recipe in your repertoire. Many of you probably already do, but this is the recipe I choose. A classic goody.

CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA - I always figured Indian food was difficult, until I discovered this dish. Creamy, fragrant, perfect for spicing things up a bit.

CHOCOLATE SOUFFLE CUPCAKES WITH MINT CREAM - Oh my. If I were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one dessert with me, this would be it. You'll feel like you're biting into a piece of heaven when you eat this.

FRESH CALIFORNIA ORANGE CAKE - This citrus delight is perfect for summer gatherings. I always say it, but fresh ingredients make all the difference. This one sure has it.

GOOD OLD-FASHIONED PANCAKES - This has definitely become my go-to pancake recipe. It always makes a perfectly browned pancake and is very easy to flip. I appreciate recipes that are reliable. This one definitely is.

GRILLED SALMON WITH LIME-BUTTER SAUCE - Here's another one that is great for summer but I love to make it year-round. I've learned that butter makes things better, especially seafood. This one blends butter perfectly with lime juice to bring out the natural flavors in salmon. So simple.

LEMONY SHRIMP WITH WHITE BEANS AND COUSCOUS - Shrimp and couscous has become one of my go-to combinations, as you can tell from this other great shrimp-couscous combo. This is one of those dishes that looks impressive but can be ready in 15 minutes if you need it to be.

RITA'S SIMPLE AND PERFECT HUMMUS - I will always love this recipe because it is my amazing grandmother (who is also my number one cooking inspiration)'s signature recipe. Rita is not only an amazing cook but an amazing hostess and one of her tricks is always having some homemade hummus for your guests.

SIMPLE ORZOTTO - Last but certainly not least is this simple orzotto recipe from Kelsey Nixon. I have made this more times than I imagined because it is the. perfect. side dish. It is easy, delicious, and most importantly, versatile.

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